Perfect Joy Ministries provides "Joy Bundles" to parents of childloss. (whether they lost a child recently or many years ago)  These bundles include many small tokens of love and remembrance to provide tangibility to the short, yet very significant, life of a little one - a sort of "hug" from someone who understands the pain and heartbreak they are going through. 


Please contact us for more information on our Joy Bundles.


*Joy bundles are free within the U.S. Foreign orders, please donate $15, to help cover shipping.

Perfect Joy Ministries began this program in memory of Ezekiel Ryan Chrysler, son of PJM's Vice President, Heather Chrysler. Ezekiel was born sleeping on February 24, 2015 at 16 weeks and 3 days.


Our desire is to provide hospital labor and delivery units with the resources necessary to give tangibility and comfort to families of miscarriage and stillbirth, specifically from 4 - 17 weeks gestation.


These boxes are available to any hospital anywhere in the Continental United States.

Please contact us if you would like further information on this program.

Wedding dresses and other formal wear are lovingly re-crafted into small, beautiful burial blankets for stillborn babies. These blankets are inlcuded in our Ezekiel Bundles that are gifted to hospital labor & delivery units to be given to families at their bedside.
These precious pre-term babies are so small and delicate that they are usually difficult to dress and to find clothing for. This blanket provides modesty for the baby for pictures and visitors, while allowing the parents to feel that their child has been properly and lovingly cared for.