Ways to Help

There are many ways that you can partner with Perfect Joy Ministries, besides financially.
Here are some areas that we can use your help.

Our prayer partners are vital to this ministry! True success isn't measured by numbers or material items. Success is doing what God has asked you to do. We cannot do what God has asked us to do without your prayers and spiritual support. These families need your intercession for them. There is nothing as difficult as losing a child. Our desire is to bring hope and joy to hurting hearts.

Items such as gift cards, jewelry, books, CDs, etc. that will bring comfort and encouragement to the ladies in our support group.  We encourage conversation among the participants on the online support group facebook page by having contests with small gifts for answering thought-provoking questions.


We do not have any patterns that we prefer. We would rather allow people to make whatever they feel comfortable making. We also love to see the creativity and uniqueness of each one. So many times, we have seen God match the perfect little hat to the perfect request.

We accept hats that range from about 1/2 inch in width when laid flat (they fit on the tip of your index finger) up to newborn. We also take hats that are a bit larger, as we frequently have SIDS or early infant death requests. You are welcome to make little flowers or other décor, but it is usually best if you put them in a small bag for us to match up to hats later. We try to make each bundle fit the theme that the parents pick for the child. This makes them one-of-a-kind and much more personal.

You are welcome to send items such as buttons, crocheted flowers, and charms separate from the hats. We prefer that they are not decorated until they are matched to a request. This makes each hat more versatile.

For blankets, we accept them from the size of a granny square or pot holder up to about 16''-18" and we prefer square in shape, as they are much easier to fold and mail.


If you would like to help make our Ezra Blankets for the Ezekiel Bundles that go to hospitals, we can always use more of these as well. These are made from donated wedding dresses, and they are used as burial blankets for second trimester stillborns. We just need 16”x16” squares – one side with any fancy décor that may be on the dress and the other side plain, which we will fold and tie with matching ribbon. We ask that you collect dresses yourself, as shipping them back and forth isn’t very economical. Many women are willing to give up their dress for a cause such as this.


The most common color requests in order are: pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, and then frequent requests for random colors such as orange, brown, red, or turquoise. Multi-colored and rainbow are fine as well.


We are always in need of new or "like-new" plush animals. They can be mini-beanie baby size up to a bit larger than a regular-sized beanie baby. People are usually willing to donate the ones that their children out-grow, and they are usually in great shape. 

We use travel Kleenex, small animal-themed stickers, multi-colored rolls of ribbon, buttons, charms, flowers, or other embellishments to enhance the tiny hats.

If there is something you have in bulk and would like to donate, please let us know.  We often vary the contents of the bundles based on donations.

We cannot thank you enough for the part that you play in this ministry. It would not be possible without you! Thank you for making an investment into the lives of others for eternity.


Please mail all items to:


Perfect Joy Ministries 

PO Box 455,

Apalachin, NY 13732 

(if you are local, contact us for pickup)


Thank you!!