Ezra Burial Blankets

Wedding dresses and other formal wear are lovingly re-crafted into small, beautiful burial blankets for stillborn babies. These blankets are inlcuded in our Ezekiel Bundles that are gifted to hospital labor & delivery units to be given to families at their bedside.
These precious pre-term babies are so small and delicate that they are usually difficult to dress and to find clothing for. This blanket provides modesty for the baby for pictures and visitors, while allowing the parents to feel that their child has been properly and lovingly cared for.
We accept donations of wedding dresses and similar-style formals. If you would like to donate a dress, you may send it to us at:
Perfect Joy Ministries
PO Box 455
Apalachin, NY 13732
If you live local, you may contact us for pick-up.
For local donations, we can make a special vase from the fancier parts of the dress. This can be done on a request basis. It is a wonderful way to keep your memories and also to minister to those in a very difficult situation.