Ezekiel Bundles

Perfect Joy Ministries began this program in memory of Ezekiel Ryan Chrysler, son of PJM's Vice President, Heather Chrysler. Ezekiel was born sleeping on February 24, 2015 at 16 weeks and 3 days. Our desire is to provide hospital labor and delivery units with the resources necessary to give tangibility and comfort to families of miscarriage and stillbirth, specifically from 4 - 17 weeks gestation.


These bundles are given to families on the day they are admitted to the hospital, and provide information as well as items which will help them during their stay in the hospital, as well as give them a way to memorialize the tiny life they have to leave behind. These boxes are available to any hospital anywhere in the Continental United States.

Besides the items that are generally included in a regular Joy Bundle, we also add many other special gifts. One of the most charished items is a fetal model, which is the approximate size, weight, and development of a 10-12 week old(gestational age) baby.


We include two hats. If the child is actually delivered, there is a stretchable hat that can be used to cover a small baby's head for burial, and also a handmade crocheted hat, which can be saved as a memory item. If a D&C must be performed, the one hat can be buried later in a special place, in lieu of the child's body. We include a handmade blanket for the child's burial or to be kept in memory.


We also accept items from other organizations and ministries, and these will vary as resources are made available. If you are part of another child loss organization, and you would like to add something to our boxes with your information, please contact us! Our goal is to offer a wide range of support for these families, when they go home.


This is precious little "Cam," who was born sleeping around 10 weeks. We can supply these little baskets, blankets, and hats for burial. If you know that you are going to miscarry, please contact us to receive expedited delivery.

How can YOU be a part of this?


There are three ways that you can be a part of this amazing ministry.


1. As mentioned before, you may donate items from your organization or in memory of your angel. We usually ask for a minimum of 20 items per donation. You may include special poems, verses, songs, or information about your story or organization, if you desire.

2. The second way to participate, is to sponsor one or more boxes that will be sent to hospitals by making a minimum donation of $10. Simply make a donation and make a comment to let us know who you would like to sponsor the bundle in memory of, along with any other pertinent information you would like included. We will send you a reciept acknowledging your sponsorship via mail.


3. The final way to be involved is to request bundles (in multiples of 10, please) to deliver to your local hospital. You can choose 1st or 2nd trimester or a combination of both. You can fill out the request form below to begin the process. PJM will compile and mail the requested number of bundles directly to you. You will package them and deliver them to your local hospital's labor and delivery unit. This would be a great project for a church, school, or work group. If you are able to send a donation, we would greatly appreciate it. Keep in mind that each bundle cost approximately $10.


Please complete the form below. Let us know which plan you are interested in and the details of your request. We will contact you within three business days to confirm and to make proper arrangements to fulfill your request.

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you soon.