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Holly M. Besser

- President -

Founder​, Author, Speaker

“You have the back of a 65 year old.”

“You may need a wheelchair by the time you are 40.”

“You need to decide what quality of life you want.”

“You’ll need narcotics, muscle relaxants, and pain killers for the rest of your life.”

“Pregnancy is not recommended...ever” (repeated by over 20 doctors)

“Your medications will terminate any pregnancy you may attempt to have.”

“This baby is much too small…” “I can’t find a heartbeat.”

“You’ll need surgery to remove your thyroid gland as soon as possible.”

“You have cancer…” “You’ll need radiation…” “It can still return at any time.”

"Your spinal cord has grown around your herniated disc."

"It's just a matter of time. When you cannot walk anymore, we can discuss other options."


These are just a few of the many words in endless succession from doctors and medical professionals echoing in the ears of Holly Besser in her 20s and early 30s.


Just barely out of her teens, she was only in her second year of marriage, when it all began. She had a marriage “made in heaven,” but her precarious physical condition and the accompanying constant and severe pain – physical and emotional – was anything but “heavenly.”


Now, over two decades later, and after seven pregnancies, four miscarriages, 3 D&Cs, a thyroidectomy, cancer and radiation, a cervical spinal fusion, and several years of enormous obstacles to be free of mind-altering pain-killers, at 41 years old, she has been diagnosed with Lyme and five other tick-borne illnesses. It is an ongoing struggle to fight through the many symptoms associated with these diseases. She and her husband, Kevin, are rearing three biological children - the oldest son has autism - as well as being informal foster parents to She has become an emotional and eloquent spokeswoman for not only transcending 24-hour-a-day pain, but also how to survive and find triumph over loss and seeming tragedy.


Holly Besser has found everlasting peace, contentment, and joy in her family and in her strong personal faith, and she shares compellingly of how God can be found in the midst of great personal pain and sorrow.  She knows, all too well, how such personal heartbreak can potentially damage one’s sense of well-being, strain a marriage, and ultimately devastate a life. She has found victory over calamity and a deep-abiding joy through loss. She has learned to survive difficulty and how to thrive within it.

Heather Chrysler

- Vice President -
Director of
Public Relations

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a mother and a teacher.  I spent countless hours playing house and school and loving it!  In 2007 I married my husband, and we each had a child from a previous relationship.  With two little boys, we were anxious to expand our family and raise a child together.  We conceived right away, and our little princess (the only girl in our family!) was born in March 2008.  The following March I found out I was pregnant again, but miscarried at 8 weeks.  It was a very traumatic time for me, as I just didn’t think this would happen.  I conceived very quickly again, and our next little boy was born in January 2010.


The year 2011 was a tough one, as I lost two babies to early miscarriage (May and September).  I was in a dark place, asking many questions of God, and not understanding why this has happened to me 3 times.  As I sought to find hope and healing through Christ, I grew in my faith and learned to trust Him completely and surrender every aspect of my life to Him.


In November 2011, I learned I was expecting again, and this time God blessed us with another energetic little boy in July 2012.  I thought our family was complete, and I was done traveling the roller coaster road of emotions that pregnancy brings, but I wasn’t.  The day after Mother’s Day 2014, I was surprised to learn of my 8th pregnancy.  However, surprise turned to excitement, as I began thinking of the hopes and dreams I had for this sixth child that God had blessed us with.  At our 8 week ultrasound appointment, the devastating news was delivered that our baby would never be born.


In the midst of my pain and suffering, I stand firm in the fact that our God is an awesome God and is faithful.  His love for us is unchanging and never fails.  I joined PJM in July 2014, in answering God’s call to reach out to women who have experienced the deep sense of loss that comes with losing a precious baby.  I hope to be a source of support and encouragement in sharing Christ’s love.

Carolyn Adreasen


Three years ago, I retired from a job that I had for 22 years. There were many considerations that went into making that decision. One of them was a desire to have more time to dedicate in helping others. In the Fall of 2012, I took part in the volunteering training at our local unplanned pregnancy center, Life Choices. After completing the training, I started volunteering as their receptionist one day a week. I also was trained in the area of administering pregnancy tests. In January 2015 I had the opportunity to take the place of another volunteer who was retiring who worked in the business office at Life Choices. I am now responsible for processing payroll-time sheets and accounts payable invoices and other office related duties. I absolutely love my job there!


I became interested in Perfect Joy Ministries after hearing Holly Besser's presentation at our church. I told Holly afterward that I told Holly afterward that I would be interested in helping out and Holly took me up on my offer! I have helped in the work that goes into assembling the joy bundles. I have enjoyed working along side of Holly readying the joy bundles. I believe that God is working greatly through this ministry and I am happy to be a part of it.


I recently celebrated 41 years of marriage and became a grandma for the first time! I am looking forward to becoming more involved in Perfect Joy Ministries.

jessica paynes.jpg

Jessica Payne

Resource Coordinator